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Ground Penetrating Radar              

What We Locate In Concrete

Locate Rebar Locate Post tension Cables
Locate Conduit Locate A Clear Place To Core
Locate Voids Locate Fiber Optics
Locate Concrete Depth Locate Pipes
Locate Concrete Deterioration Locate Honey Combing
Locate Radiant Heat Pipe Locate Grade Beams
Locate Plastic Pipe Locate Slab Thickness

 LOCATE Plastic Radiant Heat Tube

GPR Professional Services Inc can locate plastic radiant heat tube in concrete.  We have been locating plastic radiant heat tube in concrete for years. Ground Penetrating Radar is an excellent tool to pinpoint radiant heat tube. Here are few examples of GPR Professionals Services showing radiant heating inside concrete.

Below GPR PS Inc. Ground Penetrating Radar Scan of radiant heat & wire mesh in concrete

2D & 3D Data

Locate radiant heat tube

Locating radiant heating pipes is critical when drilling into the concrete. The cost of repairing the concrete and heat pipes can cost thousands.