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Balcony Inspection

Locate Rebar Locate Concrete Deterioration
Locate PT Cables  Locate Clear Place to Drill
Locate Post Tension  Cables Locate Clear Place for Anchor

GPR PS Inc. has years of experience mapping balconies & decks. We provide our clients with the best information possible, about what is in the deck, so they may make informed decisions. This helps keep their job running eas fficiently as possible and as safe as possible. Not knowing the condition of the balconies or decks can be costly or even deadly.
We offer 2 Dimensional (2D) GPR Scanning - Real Time Results
  • We offer 3 Dimensional (3D) GPR Scanning - Real Time (C-Scan)
  • We offer Advanced 3 Dimensional (3D) Scanning - Processed Data with Advanced Interpretation
  • We offer concrete deterioration Plan Maps to display the condition of the entire deck.