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GPR Services We Provide
GPR Professional Services, Inc. will provide your project with total GPR scanning solutions. We offer every client complete GPR surveys, GPR consulting and GPR reporting.


WHY GPR PS Inc. for GPR Services

There are many things to consider when choosing a GPR company to work on your project. Ground Penetrating Radar can help with dozens of applications across many different markets, but not everyone has the aptitude for GPR. Ground Penetrating Radar is a technical inspection process; where operators are called on to interpret ultra-wide band electromagnetic reflections.

Call GPR Professional Services Inc. to find out why our clients have made the commitment to work with us.

Where We Provide GPR Services
Your complete satisfaction is our commitment to you. We have partner locations all over the US and Canada. Whereever the GPR scanning work is needed GPR Professional Services Inc. will get the job done. Call us for a project quote, and all your GPR services needs.

Places We Work

Hospitals Parking Garages
Construction Sites Casinos
Airports Field & Soil Surreys
Commercial Properties Government Facilities
Industrial Buildings Residential Properties
Manufacturing Plants Balconies
Bridge Decks New Construction Buildings
Roadways Renovation Projects

TYPES of GPR Services

T&M GPR Scanning
GPR Professional Services Inc. will consult with your company about the project. We will provide a written proposal and cost estimate to provide our professional GPR Services. GPR Professional Services Inc. will complete the GPR scanning and reporting will be completed in accordance to our contract. It is our pledge to provide complete client satisfaction.

GPR Consulting
GPR Professional Services Inc. can consult with your company on specific applications, feasibility studies, appropriate equipment for GPR scanning, cost estimates and why choosing the right GPR services provider is critical to your project and company reputation.

GPR Reporting
GPR Professional Services Inc. will not only provide the GPR scanning services but they can provide detailed reports outlying the project specifications, objectives and results.

Contract GPR Scanning
Call and ask us about our GPR contract scanning services.

Retainer GPR Scanning
Call and ask us about our GPR contract scanning services.

Common GPR Services Terms

  • GPR Scanning
  • GPR Concrete X Ray
  • GPR Inspection
  • GPR Locating
  • GPR Mapping
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Underground Utility Locating