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Ground Penetrating Radar

What is GPR?
Ground penetrating radar operates by transmitting hi-frequency EM (electro-magnetic) pulse energy into the ground or concrete via an antenna, much like a fish finder on a boat.

How Does GPR Work?
When the GPR signal is reflected back to the antenna by materials with contrasting electrical (dielectric and conductivity) and physical properties, the user can analyze the reflected signals and can then pinpoint important targets or areas of concern.

Is GPR Harmful?
Ground penetrating causes no harm to the operator or anyone in the area. The output is approximately 1 1/100th the power of a cell phone, or 1% the power of a cell phone. Ask if the GPR is FCC certified.

How accurate is GPR?
GPR is very accurate. The accuracy of GPR is solely a by product of user set-up and interpretation.

Is GPR like Concrete X-Ray?
GPR is not concrete radiography. Radiography is dangerous, time consuming, and costly.

See comparison chart.

Photo Courtesy of GSSI

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Locate Rebar GPR can locate rebar inside concrete
Locate Conduit GPR can locate conduit inside concrete
Locate Post Tension Cables GPR can locate post tension (PT Cables) inside concrete
Locate Pre Stressed Cables GPR can locate pre stressed cables inside concrete
Locate Voids In Concrete GPR can locate voids inside concrete & below concrete
Locate Deterioration GPR can locate deterioration inside concrete
Locate Plastic Pipe GPR can locate plastic pipes inside concrete & below concrete
Locate Steel Pipe GPR can locate steel pipes in the soil
Locate Iron Pipe GPR can locate iron pipes in the soil
Locate Clay Pipe GPR can locate clay pipes in the soil
Locate Gas Lines GPR can locate gas lines pipes in the soil
Locate Sewer Lines GPR can locate sewer GPR can locate pipes in the soil
Locate Tunnels GPR can locate tunnels in the soil
Locate Sink Holes GPR can locate sinkholes in the soil
Locate Storage Tanks GPR can locate storage tank (UST) in the soil
Locate Graves GPR can locate graves & bodies in the soil