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GPR Professional Services Inc.


Ask any successful service company what the most important aspect of their success is...and they will tell you training. The most critical piece to any successful service company is personnel. Companies who employ the most skillful operators are typically the most successful.

GPR Professional Services Inc has been training GPR customers the basic "principles of Ground Penetrating Radar"  for ten years. GPR PS Inc. can help new GPR operators learn the basics of GPR scanning.

GPR PS Inc. offers advanced GPR training in application-specific areas such as: Concrete Inspection, Concrete NDT, and GPR vs. Concrete X-Ray.

Should you have a new operator, someone who needs a refresher GPR course, or operators who wish to expand their current knowledge base, GPR Professional Services Inc can help your operators become more proficient. This is the most important investment you can make in your business.

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Types of GPR Classes Offered

  • GPR Basic Principals
  • Basic Concrete Scanning
  • Advanced Concrete Scanning
  • Basic & Advanced 2D & 3D Imaging
  • Basic Utility Locating
  • Advanced Utility Locating
  • Basic Bridge Deck Mapping   (Future)
  • Basic Layout & Marking Techniques
  • Advanced Bridge Deck Deterioration Mapping (Future)


GPR Scanning Layout