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Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete Inspection - Concrete Scanning

"Call Us Before, You Cut & Core"

What We Locate In Concrete

Locate Rebar  in Concrete Locate Post tension Cables  in Concrete
Locate Conduit  in Concrete Locate A Clear Place To Core  in Concrete
Locate Voids  in Concrete Locate Fiber Optics  in Concrete
Locate Concrete Depth  in Concrete Locate Pipes  in Concrete
Locate Concrete Deterioration  in Concrete Locate Honey Combing  in Concrete
Locate Radiant Heat Pipe  in Concrete Locate Grade Beams  in Concrete
Locate Plastic Pipe  in Concrete Locate Slab Thickness

GPR PS Inc. has years of experience scanning concrete. We provide our clients with the most accurate information, about what is in the concrete, so they may make informed decisions. It is our goal to keep our clients project running efficiently. Cutting and coring through these unseen targets in the concrete can also compromise the structure.

Ground Penetrating Radar similar to Concrete X-Ray. GPR is used to scan concrete to locate targets inside concrete. Concrete X Ray uses a film and a source to take a picture of what is in the concrete. Concrete X Ray however, is time consuming, difficult and dangerous. For this reason Concrete X-Ray is widely being replaced by ground penetrating radar.

We offer 2 Dimensional (2D) GPR Scanning - Real Time Results
  • We offer 3 Dimensional (3D) GPR Scanning - Real Time (C-Scan)
  • We offer Advanced 3 Dimensional (3D) Scanning - Processed Data with Advanced Interpretation


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