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Ground Penetrating Radar              

Underground Inspection

GPR PS Inc. has years of experience soil mapping & utility locating. We provide our clients with the best information possible, about what is beneath the ground, so they may make informed decisions. This helps keep their job running as efficiently as possible and as safe as possible. Digging up these unseen targets in the ground can be costly and deadly.


Locate Underground Pipes Locate Tanks
Locate Graves Locate Water lines
Locate UST Locate Bodies
Locate Steel Pipes Locate Drums
Locate Man Hole Covers Locate Iron Pipes
Locate Fiberglass Tanks Locate Trash Dump Site
Locate Plastic Pipes Locate Gas Pipes
Locate Sink Holes Locate Broken Pipes
Locate Clay Pipes Locate Voids
Locate Water Table Locate Sprinkler Pipes
Locate Tunnels Locate Rock Layers
Locate Sewer Pipes Locate Foundations
Locate Saturated Areas  

We use industry standard marking techniques. Our utility mapping procedures match with typical “One Call” center color codes.

We offer 2 Dimensional (2D) GPR Scanning - Real Time Results
  • We offer 3 Dimensional (3D) GPR Scanning - Real Time (C-Scan)
  • We offer Advanced 3 Dimensional (3D) Scanning - Processed Data with Advanced Interpretation
 GPR PS Inc. - Underground Utility Engineering
 GPR Data - Underground Utility Pipes
GPR PS Inc - Underground Utility Locating
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